how to cook salmon with skin on

my name is brandon sarkis on behalf of expertvillage. today i'm going to show you how to use a george foreman grill to make stuff besidesgrilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. i'm going to show you how to cook a nice pieceof skin on salmon. what i'm going to do is i'm going to take this wonderful piece ofsalmon, i'm going to brush it with some olive oil. and i'm going to put the skin on thebottom side of the grill. reason why is the

how to cook salmon with skin on, bottom side of these grills is the hotterside. so what is going to happen is when we're done, because you can't really chew throughsalmon skin, you can cut through it just barely with a knife. when we're done, what's goingto happen is we're going to salt and pepper on this. when we're done, we're going to slideit right off the skin, you'll see it's pretty

neat. so let's just take our salmon. you'llsee the skin side right there. skin side down, give it a nice little rinkish tilt. and thisis probably going to take, this is a pretty decent sized piece of salmon, probably aboutthree mintues or so, for a nice medium, medium-rare. so we're going to close this down on there,and come back and look at our wonderful piece of salmon in about three minutes. alright,it's been about three minutes, and that piece of salmon was a pretty small piece of salmon,so we're going to go check on it. look at that. that is wonderful looking. let's zoomin a little bit. notice the perfect grill markings on top. the nice crisp brown glazethere on the top. that's a beautiful looking piece of fish. so what we can do, pan backout, is at this point we'll see if i can get

the skin to come right off. it might juststick to the grill. nope, the nonstick on this is a little too good, so what i can do,if i choose to flip it over right now, grab a hold of the corner, and you can see i canpeel it right off. i'm going to leave it on there though because i'm going to serve itwith the skin on. some people actually eat it skin on. i'm one of those people. alrighty.


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