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cooking live got7 - never ever making a cake for white day jackson: can i just put all of this in the middle? youngjae: let’s take it slow jackson: ok jb: wow it looks really pretty youngjae: look at bambam! he’s so good jinyoung: never ever x3

jackson: isn’t the smiley face nice? youngjae: jaebum! youngjae: any plans on singing? we did really well this way this way we messed up today we messed up a bit 1, 2, 3. we are got7. thank you 이 콘텐츠뚔 ‘경기도 1인 크리에이터 사업’의 '글로벜 영상콘텐츠 재제작 지원'을 받아 제작되었욵니다.‘this content is translated&subtitled by the gyeonggi-do creator support program.


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