how to cook salmon in toaster oven

do you know the best way to cook salmon inthe oven? there are a lot of ways to cook salmon inthe oven. it is also one of the simplest, since you just prep and pop in the oven. how long do you cook salmon in the oven? it usually takes 40 minutes, give or take.larger fillets need more time.

how to cook salmon in toaster oven, i know you know they are done when the meatis flaky. i don’t know if you know how to prep thesalmon. you can marinade salmon. salmon is the chicken of the sea.

i thought that was tuna. what i meant was, salmon can be prepared anyway you like. you could marinade it in oil and spices, soak in fruit juices or wine,glaze it with honey or maple syrup. maple syrup sounds good. how long does salmonneed to marinade? if you want to soak it before you bake it,half an hour to an hour. you can also put leftover glaze on the fish when you stickit in the oven too. though you could marinade it overnight inthe fridge. that doesn’t make a big difference. butyou do have to throw out any leftover marinade, if it has been in contact with raw fish.

i’ve heard of people putting bread crumbson salmon. you can make a breading from bread crumbs,use crushed ritz crackers or leftover bread crumbs from the bottom of the loaf. what do you use to make the breading stick? eggs, mostly. it is the superglue of the culinaryworld. i’ve heard of people marinating the salmonin the fridge or at room temperature. what do you recommend? only marinade it at room temperature if theoven is heating up. don’t leave the fish out at room temp very long.

or eating the fish will make you as sick asa dog.


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