grilled salmon recipe

- hey guys, we are in week two of my new year, new dinner collab where i am bringing you fresh ideas for weeknight meals with some of my favorite youtube channels

grilled salmon recipe, and this week, i want to introduce you to bart's fish tales. now you guys may remember bart, i incorporated him inone of my fish recipes

about a year or so ago and i have to say, i love that he has made it to youtube. i first discovered him on instagram because he was doingthese really wonderful 15-second fish videos over there and i said, "bart, yougotta make it to youtube, "you are made for youtube," so he has finally launched his channel.

i encourage you to head onover there and subscribe, i think you will love it as much as i do. - hi beth, thank youvery much for the invite doing this wonderful collab together while you are at theother side of the world. i'm here in ijmuiden, which is close to my home city, amsterdam. this is a famous fishermen port where they land themost delicious seafood.

i'm going to look for some delicious cod which i'm going to pan fry on the skin and i'm going to serve adelicious sauce vierge with it with is a french word for a delicious sauce based on olive oil. guys, i all invite youto visit my channel, bart's fish tales. i hope you will like itand hope to see you there. bye bye.

- doesn't bart look like fun? i think you guys willreally enjoy his recipes. okay, so in the spirit ofembracing more fish for dinner, bart and i are going toshow you two options. for my part, i'm gonnashow you how to make a wonderful salmon en papillote , which is a very easy way tocook fish in parchment paper. it comes together very quickly and i'm going to show you

a delicious soy ginger preparation. and then after my video is done, be sure to head over to bart's channel and he's going to show you how to make that beautiful cod thatlooks so delicious. so the first thing we're going to do is prepare the sauce that's going to go on top of our fish and our vegetables. so in a small bowl, you're going to add

a tablespoon of toasted sesame oil, make sure you get the toasted sesame oil because that's the onewith all the flavor. three tablespoons of soy sauce, you can use the reducedsodium if you like, that's also a good way to go. one and a half teaspoons of honey, one tablespoon of mirin just for a little more sweetness

and one and a quarter teaspoons of rice wine vinegar, that will give it a nice bite. one clove of minced garlic and a quarter teaspoonof freshly grated ginger. so then you're going tostir that all together until everything is combined and then you can set that aside. now we are going to createthe parchment packets

that we are going to cook our fish in and this is a frenchterm called en papillote which basically justmeans in parchment paper but it probably originates from the word papillon, which means butterfly in french because when you take your paper and spread it out, it lookslike a little butterfly or sometimes even a heart. so all you're going to do is take out

a large piece of parchment paper, and i usually will measure itto the size of the sheet pan, that's a really great size to go, about 18 inches or so. then you're gonna fold it in half and then, working on one side, you're gonna cut like a half heart, kind of like you did when you were little, making those little valentines,

it's the same principle. then you're gonna open it up like a book and then we're gonna placethree strips of fresh ginger just right along the seam there and we're gonna placeour salmon filet on top. i think salmon is agreat fish to begin with if you're just startingto eat fish for dinner because it's readily available and it's a pretty mild fish

that pairs so wonderfully with all different types of flavors. then we're going to add somevegetables to our packet and this is why i lovecooking fish this way because you can get thefish and the vegetables cooked at the same time. you also don't end up witha lot of dishes afterwards because you're cookingeverything in the parchment. so we're going to take a baby bok choy

and we're going to slice it in half and then put it down next to the fish cut side down, that'll just make it easier to fold when we go to fold this up. and then we're also goingto add about a quarter cup of some sugar snap peas, that's another really great flavor and they steam up reallywell in a packet like this.

and then the final step isjust to go back to our sauce and we're going to spoon overabout half of this quantity over the fish and then a little bit over the vegetables and then we are going to add a little bit of toasted sesame seeds on top of the fish and then we are going tofold over the parchment, and this is how we're going to fold it up. we're going to start at one end

and we're going tocreate a nice big crease and then you are justgoing to do the same thing all the way around the packet, making sure that you'resealing this up very well until you get to the end. and then you're gonna putthat on your baking sheet and then you're gonna repeat the process for your next packet and then put that on the baking sheet.

now we are going to putthis in a 400 degree fahrenheit oven forabout 10 to 12 minutes. so en papillote is areally fast way of cooking because that steam gets reallyconcentrated in those packets so if you have an eightounce piece of salmon, you probably want to go 10 to 12 minutes. if you're dealing with something that's more like six ounces, i would go about eight to 10 minutes.

either way, you can check it. if you're in there about 10 minutes, you could open up the packet and just stick your knife in to make sure that it'scooked all the way through and if it's not, you canreseal that packet back up and let it go for another few minutes. then when the fish is done you can take your packetand place it on a plate.

i do like to open the packets and just garnish thefish with a little bit of sliced scallion, the white and the green parts. i love this recipe becauseit's such an easy way to cook fish, it's a great weeknight mealthat comes together so quickly. you've cooked your proteinand your vegetables all at the same time

and you've also made a beautiful sauce that goes together. i hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think and i also hope that you headon over to bart's channel, subscribe, welcome him to youtube and, of course, try hisdelicious cod recipe, it really does look fantastic. alright you guys, in thespirit of fish for dinner,

i'm going to leave you withsome of my favorite recipes that came from his channel and i think you guys willenjoy them as much as i do. alright, i will seeyou back here next week for another easy anddelicious weeknight meal. until then, bye. ♫ the sunrise unfolds ♫ there's sand in our toes ♫ ready to wash in the waves

♫ when the sunrise leaves ♫ we're still in the sea ♫ still got all day ♫ take shelter in the water ♫ air into our lungs ♫ listen to the sound of the ocean below ♫ close our eyes, start daydreaming ♫ for the sleep in the sea ♫


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