cooking salmon stovetop

what's up food tuber's. okay, so we'regonna do a super simple midweek healthy meal. super beautiful. pan cooked salmon, cous cous, asparagus, courgettes. it's gonna be really quick. it's healthy. about 600 calories. we're eating the rainbow. we've got two of our five a day. prettymuch this is the stuff that my missus

cooking salmon stovetop, loves okay. firstly, our carb is cous cous. 75 grams per person. 150. cover it we've some boiling water. about a centimeter above where the cous cous sits.

basic seasoning goes in, and if you wanted to put a little i don't know, mint tea bag in there, you could. slice of lemon you could. oh my god, a herb in there. you could. so that goes in, and also we'll put our plates above here as well, and you might even get a warm place instead a cold plate. so that's a good start. 0 effort. 0 work. our pan here is getting quite hot now. medium-low heat. we've got a lovely fish. two beautiful salmon filletsthere. skin on, but it's been scaled, and it's been

de-boned. it's a lovely oily fish. omega 3 is really, really good for you. so what i wanted to show you was two ways to cook it. take the salmon fillet like this and slice it into little centimeterslices. this is gonna cook in about two minutes. so that's proper fast food. i'm then going to have a chunk. score the skin, and its gonna let the heat inefficiently. so i'm gonna put salt and pepper on both. go skin side down with thechunk, into the pan. a lot of people don't like

soft fish skin. they pull it off. if you get it crispy they want to eat it. if you just put yourhand on it for 10 seconds, you give full contact to the skin, whichmeans full crispiness. you're gonna get like a kinda fish crackling. you see the heat cooking thefish. cous cous is on. fish is on. lets celebrate some veg. asparagus. a little handful per person. grab the end like this and see how itnaturally snaps. so that's where the soft succulent asparagus

goes to more complex woody asparagus,which is gonna be chewy. i'm gonna cut the asparagus at an angle,just because i like it. beautiful nutritious veggie. there's our asparagus. add a little olive oil and i'm gonna addthe asparagus. let's just turn the fish now. lovely and golden. look at that. crispy as you like. the asparagus you can just jigglearound. you see it picking up some colour. next up zucchini, or courgette as we callin england. i'm gonna cut it a little bit like the asparagus

at an angle. so this goes in there. thesliced fish is gonna cook much quicker i'm gonnaturn this salmon very very different is gonna taketwice the time i don't want to over cook this veg. ifyou keep cooking it, you gonna deplete all those lovely erm, all the lovely goodness and nutrients in there. but i do want to big up flavour. so i'm just gonna take a chili remove the stalk and i want to get ridof the seeds. use the tip of your knife just to scrape it out, and

just finely chop it until you're happy with it. so, the salmon is nearly there. the asparagus and courgettes are looking good. beautiful. so guys look, the salmon's just come off there. these cook in half the time. they lookreally beautiful. let's just do a quick salsa. three or four nice juicy tomatoes. just hack it up. if you can get them when they're niceand in season that is half the battle. different colours. yellows. basic seasoning. salt. pepper. olive oil. extra virgin if you can.

just about a tablespoon. lemon juice. it's gonna work so well with the salmon.coriander here. finely chop that. this is gonna betasty. i'm just gonna use my hands. that's what's gonna give you that kind of incredible salsa. the cous cous here has heated my plate up, so i've got two lovely warm plates. can you see how it's swelled up. it's totally fluffy. it's not sticky. really, really, what we can do is kiss this with that amazing

salsa. toss-up. this is truly the kind ofthing i'll knock up midweek. start to finish: 10 to 12 minutes.absolutely. you could have this as a salad the nextday. it will get better. you can have it cold. lovely asparagus. courgettes. just gonna whack it on the top. so you've got your three piece of salmon here then you've got your salmon steak here. a beautiful crispy skin. and then a nice spoon of natural or greekyogurt. super, super nice. works really well with cous cous. beautiful colours. having that little light salsa on the top is so beautiful. look at that.

who said healthy food had to boring? so guys that is my beautiful pan-cooked salmon with beautiful cous cous, asparagus, courgette. if you like it give us a thumbs-up. if you have any comments about what you do put in comments below of course, if you haven't subscribed to food tube subscribe, it's free. are you mad? come on! and go and see our sister channel drinks tube as well. so guys, from me until next time. bye!


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