cooking salmon with skin -- creating amazing sushihello, this week i'm going to show you how to make my sweet chili salmon skin roll. whatyou're going to need for this is half a sheet of nori, 150g of cooked sushi rice, sweetchili salmon skin, you can learn how to make this on my website -- -- halfan avocado, cut and sliced, paprika, a sushi rolling mat inside a plastic bag like so,and another one just on its own, cling film

cooking salmon with skin, and a very-very sharp knife.we begin by wetting our hands, this is so the sushi rice doesn't stick to your you grab your 150g of sushi rice and you lightly spread it out. you want to get a niceeven coverage, don't squish it down, what you want to do is just fluff it out, laterit gets compressed when you roll the roll.

add some sesame seeds over it, it will giveit a nice extra taste, and it adds a nice feature of not sticking to the mat that, you want to use your mat inside the plastic bag and just flip the nori sheet upside downwith the rice and place it on top of the mat. next you want to add your sweet chili glazedsalmon skin, about 40-50 grams should do. you don't want to over-stuff the roll becauseotherwise what happens is you won't be able to close it. so you add two pieces of paprika-- okay, now for the rolling. i roll it towards myself normally but for the video i'm doingit towards the camera. keep it all inside and together, okay, nowyou want to have a lip like this so that you can seal it and you want to just push forwardand then compress and then re-push forward

and compress again just to get a good sealon it -- and there you go, one sushi roll, and you can always use the mat again justto get the right shape -- there we go. now to finish this roll off, you want to topit with some avocado. you're going to want to sever the edges just to get a straightpiece, and then cut slicing very thin, about 1mm thick slices.we take the sliced avocado and you spread it out over your hand to about the same lengthof the roll and then once you have the required length just simply transfer it over to theroll, and then you might want to spread it out a little more depending on if you gotthe right length or not. okay now you want to add the cling film overit and use a standard rolling mat and just

fix the avocado on top of the roll so it doesn'tmove. now you want to take your sharpest knife andkeep it slightly damp blade so the rice doesn't stick to it. now i like to cut off the edgesjust to get a nice neat cut, so cut off the edges that way every roll is beautiful -- wecan just discard these. alright, simple method to get eight piecesyou just simply cut in half then you cut the halves in half and then you cut the four quarterpieces in half again. now after you're done cutting it might have moved around a littlebit, so you just want to put the mat over it to fix it back, get the roll nice and evenagain and it's ready to go. there you have it, the perfect sushi roll,every single one -- beautiful.



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