cooking salmon patties

david postada: hi. this is david for expertvillage. today we're going to make one of my all- time favorite comfort foods, salmoncakes. okay, now it's show time. we've got our flaked salmon. this is about the way ilike it and then we're going to add our celery and our green onion, our thyme, we're goingto add some mayonnaise to this, we're going to add some cornflakes too. we're going tocrunch these up and that's going to be your

cooking salmon patties, binder that holds these together. sometimesyou'd use bread crumbs, but this is the way to go with this as far as i'm concerned. then,we're going to add just a little worcestershire sauce to it. so here's what we do. we're goingto go ahead and add our green onions with celery and our fresh thyme right into thebowl of the salmon and get all that goodness

into the bowl. and then we're going to addabout a quarter-cup of mayonnaise. this is prepared. you can actually make your own.that's pretty cool too, but i'll just go ahead and add this as much as you'd kinda like.set that aside and then we're going to add just a dash of worcestershire sauce to's kind of a strong flavor, so use whatever your taste is. so i just like to just puta little bit like that in there. and then the cornflakes about a quarter of a cup ofthose, so you just go ahead and just grab your crunchy cornflakes and just go aheadand-- this is kind of a fun part. the kids could even to this. this is kind of fun. i'lljust grab a couple of handfuls there like this, about a quarter of a cup. it's okay,depending how much you want it. if you really

want to stretch your recipe go ahead and addmore if you'd like. it's just like bread crumbs.


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